Who you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is easy and tempting to stick to what we know and live where we have lived for long. Yet it is this human tendency that often blocks us from realizing our full potential. The law of inertia seems to act on us in subtle ways. We often want to stick to tradition because of the fear of the unknown.
Usually, people desist from trying out new solutions; either because of internal fears or misleading notions from the outside world. If you really want to discover new and refreshing ways of living your life, you need to muster the courage to leave your comfort zone. Great inventers of this world would never have achieved much if they felt contented with the status quo.
Stop blending in!
Being great requires some courage. Many people fear to venture in new territory because they fear what others will say. Even as we were kids, we were always taught to blend in, not stick out, and that, being different will draw attention and attention is bad. It’s now time to forget what you have been taught and quit blending in.
Remember, people only care about you when you are successful. Ignore the Joneses. Do not fear to make mistakes. In any case everyone has made a mistake in their life. We learn best through mistakes.

Face Your Fears

You need to recognize what you fear and set out to overcome it. People have all sorts of fears. Some people fear the rain, others fear scorpions, yet, still, others fear tight spaces, germs and heights. The fear of height may prevent you, for instance, from becoming the great pilot you really are. You could start by climbing tall buildings and reafffirming to yourself that many others do the same.
Undertake Some Tasks For the Their Own Sake

Successful people sometimes take risks just for the sake of it. They do it for fun. Try out new things. When such ventures succeed, pat yourself on the back. If they don’t, take it easy. Every dog has its day. Your day will soon come, but the dog must keep hunting to stand such a chance.
Advantages of Leaving Your Comfort Zone
When you venture beyond your familiar territory, you stand a chance to discover new things. You also have the opportunity to expose yourself to exciting encounters. In order to leave your comfort zone, you need to cast your eyes beyond the immediate surroundings and wander beyond the horizon. Ask yourself whether it is possible that what you really seek frantically in life could be lying yonder.
Remember, although people fear the unknown, it is a great source of excitement and inspiration. You should prepare your body and mind to face the reality of life. Life is dynamic. Hanging in your comfort zone exposes you to rude shocks when life takes its typical unexpected turns.