Professional and Personal Lives: Total Balance, No Compromise!

When you have a family, personal life is hectic enough. Usually, the buck stops with you when it comes to the welfare of everyone in the home. Yet, you also have your professional career to take care of. Your work must also be maintained and sustained. Striking a balance between the two is a challenge to many moms across the globe.

Rise Up With a List of Things You Must Do
You need to realize that since you have several commitments on front, a little organization and prioritization helps quickly resolve the many standoffs that arise from a conflict between personal and professional life. When I create a list; whether physical or mental, I sort out what must be done first and urgently, and what can wait.
Adopting similar strategies at work is a great help. Plan your work by organising tasks into categories based on importance. Assign the specific times you wish to complete such tasks and track your schedule. I always create buffer intervals between my busy work schedules to give my mind some space to reminisce over what I’m doing.

Stay In Touch
When you develop a habit of tracking your progress in accomplishing the day’s activities, you will notice in good time when you are behind schedule. Remember to contact people at home concerning possible delays if you sense that will require extra time at work. Letting your family learn about your plans makes them stay easy. This way they won’t be let down when you return late.

Clear Your Mind As You Leave the Office
This is really hard. But try wiping off your mind as you leave the office. If this can be easily done, it most certainly is the best solution to run your two lives independently. It requires practice and discipline. Simply leave office work and office disputes at the office physically and mentally. Huh?

Talk To Your Family
A working mom should never be a hassle to her family. Stay in touch while you are at work. Work should not prevent you from making a call and catching up with the personal lives of your people. Time is never sufficient. Create it. It can be done setting limits to your daily chores. You must set a point beyond which you won’t go.

Memorable Time Offs
At least once a month, plan for memorable events over the weekends, a date night with the kids or just relaxation time to enjoy with your family. Cook a delicious meal, go out on a drive or picnic or simply invite friends over for meals and family fun.

The secret behind a successful balance is determined by your ability to draw a line. As long as you are in control limiting your workload and creating time for family, you are in total balance. Remember your personal life includes your spiritual well being, physical health, your spouse and children. You are a mom; you are a kind of big deal. You are the CEO of your household. You need to make sure that you stay healthy mentally and physically, to deliver on both fronts.